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About Us

BRA plants was established on 02/02/2006 to produce the insulating volcanic light blocks, and the actual operation eas on 12/01/2013 to be the largest plant of its kind in the Middle East, the production capacity of up to (100,000 pieces) a day ... and nearly (2,000,000 Piece) monthly using the technology of ADLER French company....

The plant produces more than (25 types) of BRA BLOCK with various dimensions, measurements accoring to German, European and Turkish standards and specifications for this type of products ....

The production process are 100% automatic using volcanic material 100% natural without any additives or improvers, the mode of production and drying is done based on the principle of (natural curing system) ....

BRA BLOCK is produced from a natural volcanic stones which characterized by light weight density ranging between 600-700 kg / m 3, and high permeability to contain pores formed by natural interactions during the formation of these stones are called (PONZA) .....

The Features of Bra Blocks:

  • Light weight ... weight ranges of one piece of BRA BLOCK is between 4-10 kg (depending on size and shape).
  • Excellent heat insulation ... as Aazleh BRA BLOCK heat up to more than 85% and thus BRA BLOCK that provides heating and cooling costs.
  • High resistance to fire and flame .... BRA BLOCK characterized as highly resistant to fire and direct flame and because it is composed of volcanic materials , heavy duty heat .
  • Excellent acoustic insulator .... because of the components of the BRA BLOCK natural pores of the many and unique in composition where the hollow sound of these pores and prevent echo .
  • Accurate dimensional measurements .... where the method of manufacturing BRA BLOCK mechanisms produce accurate and the latest technologies in this field , which helps to speed construction by BRA BLOCK compared to other species.
  • Ease of configuration and chipping .... where is characterized BRA BLOCK easily cut and ease the work of slots pipeline Electrical and water pipes and events without damage .